Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting combines legal knowledge and practical experience to provide quality mediation processes. We recognise that no two disputes are the same.

Our approach empowers decision makers and encourages:

  • Constructive dialogue
  • Understanding
  • Informed choice
  • Identification of needs and goals
  • Creative option generation
  • Workable outcomes

Mediation is a process in which two or more parties are assisted to negotiate by an independent third party (the mediator). Mediation may be a stand alone process, or part of an incorporated approach to conflict resolution.

A mediator guides participants through a process to maximise effective dialogue, identify issues and resolve matters to meet the needs and goals of all those involved.

Mediators should ideally be accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation Standards. BKDRC provides mediation by accredited mediators and has international experience across a variety of industries within the private and public sector.


Bianca has proven very helpful for mediation purposes and our members have been very satisfied with her service. She is also an excellent public speaker and we have sought her expertise many times
Lis Blandamir, Victorian Farmers Federation
A keen mediator, professional in her approach to service delivery and ready to work with every client taking into account their individual needs.
Adriana Santos-Davila, Camden Mediation Services, London
Bianca was very helpful with a complicated issue we had among staff in our workplace. She was very professional in her analysis of the situation and handled our personnel with great confidentiality. Our end result was favorable for all parties. I would recommend Bianca to any business that required complex mediation.
Natan Nadas, Dullo Chocolates
After 20 years of legal practice, advising in countless disputes, I was surprised and delighted when I experienced Bianca’s approach to commercial dispute resolution. Bianca has made a study of this area of work, combining her experience across a wide range industries with her genuine interest in the wellbeing of the people involved. She applies her uncommon and deep understanding of the dynamics of disputes to guide those involved into breaking deadlocks and finding creative and sometimes surprising solutions.
Paul Kean, Partner, DC Strategy
Bianca is a determined and reliable person. The way she conducts mediation … is typical of her approach: Well presented; with careful planning, thoughtful execution and a refreshingly positive disposition
Steve Wright, CEO, Franchise Council of Australia
We used Bianca to facilitate a mediation with one of our franchisees. Bianca’s expertise and professional approach greatly assisted in achieving a positive outcome for all parties and we would have no hesitation using Bianca again should the need arise. I am happy to endorse Bianca as a skilled mediator and would recommend her services to anyone requiring such services
Jeff Fisher, CEO, Food Retail Industry
Bianca Keys assisted us by resolving a long running dispute with a franchisee. This was our first experience with mediation and with Bianca’s assistance we were able to come to a satisfactory outcome within a short period of time. I have no hesitation in recommending Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting.
Glenn Lees, Shareholder & CFO, Retail Food Industry
Bianca… is a highly skilled mediator and educator, and has excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Alan Bates, Legal Counsel, Lenards Pty Ltd