Workplace Mediation

The ability to manage conflict is a critical skill in today’s workplace.

Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting offers assistance to organisations to identify, manage and resolve problems in a time and cost effective way.

Manage conflict well and you can avoid:

  • Low Morale/Commitment
  • Exhaustion of Management and HR Time
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Absenteeism & Stress Leave
  • High Staff Turnover
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Bullying and Harassment Claims
  • Vicarious Liability Issues
  • Legal Costs

Key Points for Workplaces

  • Know when to step in – don’t let things fester
  • Equip employees with necessary conflict management and communication skills
  • Recognise when it is time to seek external assistance

Conflict is an opportunity for change and development. Managed well, it can preserve relationships, build respect and maximise productivity.


Bianca was very helpful with a complicated issue we had among staff in our workplace. She was very professional in her analysis of the situation and handled our personnel with great confidentiality. Our end result was favorable for all parties. I would recommend Bianca to any business that required complex mediation.
Owner, Private Company